We are a unique drug delivery company focused on improving existing medications by incorporating our proprietary, advanced formulation and manufacturing technologies. We are currently developing products for multiple indications.

Our three proprietary platform technologies include:

  • Multilayer Tablet Technology, VersaTab™, which allows for the development of oral controlled release products
  • Oral Film Technology, VersaFilm™, which allows for the immediate delivery of pharmaceutically active substances to the oral cavity for oral or gastro-intestinal absorption
  • Mucoadhesive Technology, AdVersa™, for either quick or controlled release to control drug delivery absorption kinetics/rates and which offers a means to increase drug permeability

Our current partners include DAVA Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Edgemont Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Par Pharmaceutical, Inc, and RedHill Biopharma Ltd. We are also in discussions with several other potential partners for some of our other products.

Our unique proprietary platform delivery technologies offer many benefits to our partners including:

  • Broad range of delivery profiles
  • Convenient and versatile products
  • High quality products

Business Strategy

Our business strategy is to apply our drug delivery technologies to improve existing drug compounds with proven efficacy and safety and, in conjunction with strategic development and distribution partners, reintroduce these drug compounds to the market as branded products with improved deliverability and efficacy.

Because we are developing improved formulations of currently marketed therapeutics, our products typically require fewer clinical trials to generate the safety and efficacy data needed to achieve regulatory approval than drug formulations that have not been previously marketed. As a result, we believe we can accelerate development and reduce risk compared to traditional pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Using the 505(b)(2) approach to obtain FDA approval, our products have the possibility of obtaining  three years of market exclusivity.