Mucoadhesive Technology, AdVersa™

MucoadhesiveIntelGenx Mucoadhesive Technology is a solid dosage form (thin, flat tablet), which is placed in the oral cavity. Following administration, the tablet remains in close contact with the mucosal surface via the programmable adhesive properties of the system. When drug permeability is high and if fast adsorption is required, the dosage form can be formulated to have a very rapid dissolution, thereby increasing the rate of drug adsorption. The controlled release system can also be adjusted to achieve a predetermined drug release pattern by increasing the residence time, promoting intimate contact with the mucosal tissue and increasing the bioadhesive properties of the dosage form. Compared to oral films which offer immediate release, IntelGenx’ AdVersa™ Mucoadhesive Tablet Technology allows the customization of the drug release, thereby enhancing drug absorption in the oral cavity. By being placed in direct contact with the adsorption site, it offers a means by which drug permeability can be increased.

Mucosal adsorption can be a preferred method of delivery when:
Advantages of IntelGenx Mucoadhesive Technology
  • The drug can undergo a high metabolic first pass effect
  • The drug is directly irritating on the GI tract mucosa
  • The active ingredient is expensive
  • The active is poorly soluble
  • Immediate or rapid release is required
  • Therapeutic levels correspond to precise plasma concentrations 
  • High patient compliance is an issue, or concern

  • Versatile residence time to enhance/control drug absorption
  • Enhanced adsorption of poorly soluble drugs
  • Easy administration, easy removal or termination
  • High/increased patient acceptability
  • Possibility of various sizes and shapes
  • Easy manufacturing process
  • IntelGenx patent pending

Plasma profile after administration of AdVersa™ vs. conventional oral tablets: