Development Services

IntelGenx has 30+ years of experience providing development services to clients and partners across the full product lifecycle of drug development. We offer a broad spectrum of development services from the R&D and pilot areas within our GMP-compliant facility. Services include formulation prototype development, technology transfer, process scale-up, regulatory support and clinical studies monitoring. We serve clients and partners worldwide.

Development services





Product Development

Full range of development services, tailored to design customized products

product dev


  • One / several APIs
  • Strength up to 80 mg
  • API-specific formulations
  • Organic / non-organic solvents
  • Mono / multi layer(s)
  • Taste masking


  • Permeation and Solubility testing
  • Physical properties assessment
  • Irritation assays
  • Pharmacokinetic studies
  • Porcine mucosa testing (Franz cells trials)
  • Dissolution studies


  • Product-specific
  • Technology-specific
  • Conceptual patents
  • Innovative processes


IntelGenx provides early stage services for pre-GMP projects including formulation prototype, first prototype and production of pilot GCP batch of first prototype.


clinical monitoring

Clinical Monitoring


IntelGenx sponsors and monitors pilot clinical phase 1 studies to assess whether developped prototype formulations meet pharmacokinetic requirements for a pivotal clinical study. Along with conducting the pilot study, IntelGenx selects and monitors contract research organizations (CROs), drafts clinical study approval documentation including CTA and IND applications, provides on-site clinical monitoring, and makes clinical recommendations for advancing the development program.



analytical methods