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IntelGenx has a Long History in Transdermal Development & Manufacturing



Group 69

Fully integrated solution provider for Drug-In-Adhesive transdermal products

Group 67

Experience developing transdermal products across multiple therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, CNS and hormonal products



Transdermal Technology Value Proposition

Addressing Chronic Diseases and Older Populations Needs

Growth in chronic disease prevalence and an increasing geriatric population are resulting in an increased need for transdermal medicines.



 minimally invasive and painless delivery solution

 Group 76 

Reduced frequency of dosing 

 Reduced adverse effects

 Prolonged duration of action



Drug-In-Adhesive Patch
Versatile, Controlled and Predictable Drug Delivery System


Group 70


Group 77  Controlled & predictable drug delivery through the skin

Group 77  High loading drug capacity

Group 77  Single or multilayers design

Group 69


Backing Solvent-casted foil
Drug-in-adhesive Dispersed drug, polymers, plasticizers,
penetration enhancers, etc.
Release liner  Siliconized or fluoro-siliconized polyester film

Transdermal Development & Manufacturing
Integrated Offering

  • Significant formulation development experience focused on drug-inadhesive patches
  • Single and multilayer patch capabilities
  • Aqueous and solvent coating
  • Pilot and commercial-scale manufacturing and packaging equipment

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